I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I'm going to be telling you a story not as sick as my last one but just as creepy.

There once was a man called Blake he was camping in the woods. He went for a walk to enjoy nature and wasn't paying attention to the time so when nightfall came he was surprised by how much time has gone by. He tried to search for his camping spot  but instead he found a small cabin he knocked on the door but nobody answered he tried the handle and found it unlocked so he went inside and looked if anyone was there to ask if he could stay for just the one night but here was nobody so he went to the bedroom and in the bedroom the walls were covered with portraits of people he went towards the bed and it looked and felt as if the portraits eyes were following him, he ignored it and got in the bed he laid on his back and looked into one of the portraits eyes then fell asleep but what he didn't know was just when he closed his eyes all of the portraits stated blinking and staring at him.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Hello there I'm going to be telling you a story that I classify as gruesome so I don't recommend this for kids under 10 years old.

Okay so don't open the windows or doors and don't answer the phone if it rings, said Mum.
Okay, said her 8 year old daughter so the mum left to go on her date with the dad and left the little girl all on her on in the house which they just moved into. The phone rang and the little girl answered it despite what her mum told her and heard a male voice singing 'Peekaboo I see you' and she looked around the room but now one was there and she heard the voice again singing 'Peekaboo I smelled you' and she heard something sniffing at her ear she spun around but nobody was there she heard the voice again but this time he sounded more excited 'Peekaboo I touched you' and she felt a tap on her head she looked up and saw a man dangling from the chandelier his fingernails looked like claws, he brought his claw like hand to his face and gasped like he came up with a brilliant idea and sang 'Peekaboo I... EAT you' and jumped at her and tore her apart.

Later on in the night her parents came back from their date and found a whole pile of bones in their living room and they got such a shock but then they thought it was a joke that their daughter pulled on them and then they started laughing but little did they know it was their daughters bones, and they started calling for her and when she didn't answer they started looking for her, her father looked in her room and the mother looked in the bathroom and she heard a male voice singing 'Peekaboo I see you' and the mother looked around but nobody was there then she the male singing again 'Peekaboo I smelled you' and she heard something sniffing by her ear she spun around to find a man with cat like claws staring at her and started singing 'Peekaboo I EAT you!' and he grabbed her spun her around and slit her throat and dropped her to the ground he waited looking down at her like a hunter taking pride at catching his dead prey and then he suddenly looked up to find the little girls father staring at his dead wife with his mouth opened with terror he looked up and slammed the door and tried to lock it but it was no use the man with cat like claws broke down the door and grabbed the girls father by his throat and started slamming his head against the wall and stopped at the last second and said 'I EAT YOU!.

Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi my names Whisper I know weird name right, but it's my name my assassin name.Here's my story I'm an orphan and a secret organisation adopted me and are training me to be a killer assassin to do their dirty work for them, and that's 1 of the reasons why I'm in this position.

I was walking down the hall when a stupid friend of mine jumped out at me and told me to run, confused at first I suddenly realised she did something that nobody should ever do, she stole the codes to the organisations bank where millions of dollars are stored so we ran we ran outside, and I took a quick moment to scan the area for other assassins but all I could see was the sunlight shimmering on the snow.

Years later after my really stupid friend and I stole the organisations money we started our own organisation but it wasn't secret nor did we treat the recruits like dogs we treated them much better, but we do make them train in the snow on graduation day.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Wolf Girl

I love walking in the bush it helps me clear my mind.I love hunting in the bush better than walking in it.I have the ability to turn into a wolf whenever I want and it's amazing except for one thing,I can't tell anyone about it,not even my best friend Sean,and I tell Sean about everything.

Sean and I were on a walk in the Bush when heard a CRACK, but this was no ordinary crack in the twigs more like a crack in the bones. I acted on instinct and that was both bad and good. Sean saw me as a wolf but I was ready to defend him there was a FLASH then another flash.I started growling I knew this and the scent was of VAMPIRES.

False alarm the bone cracking sound was a kid breaking a bone by falling off his bike, and the scent was Sean's new cologne, and now Sean keeps asking me questions like 'How long have you been able to do that?' and 'Why can you change when it's not a full moon?' .Arrghh today is going to be a long day.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hockey is awesome

Hi guys and girls I wanted to know how many of you play Hockey? if you guys play hockey how many of you can tell me that hockey is awesome? I'm pretty sure all or most of you will say hockey is awesome.

I started playing Hockey when I was
eight and that was the year I came to New Zealand, so yeah Hockey is pretty important to me it wasn't the first sport I taken part in though, Swimming was the first sort I had taken part in I was only about five, when I started training with my brother and sister but I don't practice any more but when ever I swim it reminds me of South Africa,
but Hockey is more important to me now.

So guys and girls I now want to know how many of you hate hockey, if you hate hockey I won't mind and I'm pretty sure other people won't mind because not every sport is for everyone.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Poem:Hot &Cold

In South-Africa it's Blazing Hot!
Where in Antartica it's Not
My friend's name is Jack
And he knows how to Hack
And my sister knows how to make a Pot.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Knowing Me

Hey guys and girls I just wanted to help you guys understand my last blog post a little more by letting you guys more about me,First of all I was born in South-Africa and I can speak two languages the first language is Afrikaans and of course you guys know what the second language is...English,
I only went to English schools back in South-Africa so I wasn't taught how to read and write in Afrikaans but I have taught myself how to read a few words. I'll be teaching you guys a few Afrikaans words if you guys want to learn more just say so.I'll be teaching you guys family member names for this blog post.


Boy Cousin-Nefie
Girl Cousin-Niggie


Sister- sussie

Now that's all for now comment if you want to know more.