I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Poem:Hot &Cold

In South-Africa it's Blazing Hot!
Where in Antartica it's Not
My friend's name is Jack
And he knows how to Hack
And my sister knows how to make a Pot.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Knowing Me

Hey guys and girls I just wanted to help you guys understand my last blog post a little more by letting you guys more about me,First of all I was born in South-Africa and I can speak two languages the first language is Afrikaans and of course you guys know what the second language is...English,
I only went to English schools back in South-Africa so I wasn't taught how to read and write in Afrikaans but I have taught myself how to read a few words. I'll be teaching you guys a few Afrikaans words if you guys want to learn more just say so.I'll be teaching you guys family member names for this blog post.


Boy Cousin-Nefie
Girl Cousin-Niggie


Sister- sussie

Now that's all for now comment if you want to know more.

Interview With Oupa

I'm going to interview my oupa about the types of food they had when  he was my age so here we go.

Me:"So Oupa what types of food did you have when you were younger?"

Just by the way most of my family lives on a farm or used to live on a farm.

Oupa:"Oh, we had lots of fruit on the farm when we visited our Ouma and Oupa.  We picked grapes and peaches and all sorts of fruits.  For breakfast we used to love to eat Mealie-meal porridge with milk and sugar sometimes also bacon and eggs. Sweets.... let's see we had Chocolate, Smarties, Toffees, Liquorice of all sorts, Ice cream, Suckers (Ice Lollies) and candy but that's all I can think of right now."

Me:"Oh, the sweets must have been delicious and the fruits! oh I remember back in South-Africa how sweet and sour the fruits were!Those were the good days in South-Africa, anyway I'm sure Oupa needs to get back to work so we'll just wrap this up"

Oupa:"Okay I'll chat with you later"

Me:"Okay see ya later Oupa"

And I guess you guys are just gonna have to wait later this week for my next Blog post.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Green Day

   I know some of you guys and girls aren't Green Day lovers but I am, so I'm going to write about them.Green Day is actually pretty cool if listen to the good songs like American idiot,Boulevard of Broken Dreams,Shes a Rebel and Good Riddance etc etc those are good songs at least that's what I think.

The first time I started listening to Green Day was when my older brother introduced it to me in 2011 that's when I got my Ipod I know that most of you got in 2010 or early 2011 where I got mine in the middle 2011 I think.The first song I heard from them was American Idiot and I thought it was okay then I started looking at other songs that was created by them and I found Boulevard of Broken Dreams and that has become my  favourite song ever.

I like other bands too like Skillet,Coldplay,We Were Promised Jetpacks and Yellowcard and I would love it if you guys and girls would tell me what bands you like and what section it's from,and if you want to know why I would like to know what bands you like is I'm doing an little experiment about which is the most popular band in each type of music like rock,pop etc so please do that and thank you for reading this

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Tale Trail of :The Elephant and the Butterfly

Recall of The Elephant and the Butterfly:

Once upon the time there was an Elephant called Horton.
He came across a Butterfly called Miss.Fitty.
He tried to catch it but Miss.Fitty turned around and said

"What do you think your doing fatty"

"Oh no you didn't!"

"Yes I did"

"You better shush or else you'll grow up without one!"

My Tale Trail:

"I don't think so buddy!"shouted Miss.Fitty

"Oh I think so!"replied Horton

"Your bluffing"murmured Miss.Fitty

"Yeah well I'm not"snapped Horton

"Well if you do that I'm going to get the mice out!"shouted Miss.Fitty

"You wouldn't! would you?"asked Horton

"Yes I would"said Miss.Fitty

"Okay okay I'm sorry,will you forgive me Miss.Fitty"asked Horton

"Only if you forgive me Horton"said Miss.Fitty

"Okay I'll forgive you"said Horton happily.

And they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Annoying Best Friend

It happened in the afternoon after school,the fight I had with my Best Friend,the biggest fight I ever had with her,and I'm going to explain what  had happened.

"HEY CHELSEA WAIT UP!"shouted my Best Friend Ashley I call her Ash for short.

"Oh hey Ash"I said

"What's wrong?"she asked,

"It's none of your business"I snapped

"Wow calm down I was just trying to help"she snapped back

"Your telling me to calm down fatty!"I shouted,

"Now you've gone to far twinkle toes"she shouted back.

She knows how much I hate that name.

People started crowding round us and started chanting, "FIGHT FIGHT"

 "Bring it!" I shouted

"Alright"she snapped ,

everyone stopped shouting when they heard Mrs. Bridge shouting "What's going on here?!" she saw Ashes hands up then saw mine and said with her head shaking "I'm so ashamed of you two girls"

"But Mrs!" I shouted

"No buts!"she snapped

"Yes Mrs.Bridge" I murmured just loud enough so she could hear

"Now you two girls come to my office"She said.

Did I mention that she is our school Principal, huh guess not but anyway later that day we made up  and we actually fought over nothing.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Snowflakes Dancing In The Breeze!

 Oh wow! I've never seen this happen before except on TV and in pictures but I never actually seen it happen before.The little, delicate flakes of ice were dancing around in the gentle breeze.The air was bitterly cold and you could see your breath.I was speechless when it started happening, my breath was taken away by it's beauty.That day I went inside and watched the snowflakes fall to the ground
it somhow just made me fell so peaceful and happy and somehow when I was still watching I fell a sleep.

Monday, 13 August 2012

On your marks!

On your marks get set... GO!

I dive into the pool and start swimming I'm taking the lead and just a few more inches and I just won I can't believe that I just won the race I walk to the stand where Judges judge and where they put you against other people my mum came running up to me and gave me a huge hug''congradulations darling, do you want anything to eat anything to drink?you look a bit pale darling do you feel alright?'' mum said '' I'm alright mum and no thank you'' I said '' are you sure?''mum asked with a doubtful face ''yes I'm sure,can we go now that was my last race for today'' I said '' okay but on the way back your gonna thank your coach okay'' mum said ''Okay'' I said''And can we go and get McDonald's?'' I asked ''Certainly not''mum said...


Friday, 27 July 2012

Haunted Mountain

"Mum are we there yet ?" I asked "No not yet sweety"replied mum, "How much longer until we're there?" I asked "Just one more second... and here we are on Haunted Mountain wonder why they
call it that?"said mum."Finally!" I shouted," Don't shout like that young lady"said mum sternly "Sorry" I said and then "Ahhhh!"I screamed and so did mum.We saw something that was white, but it
wasn't the snow it was something, else you would probably ask me what makes you think that it
wasn't snow well it was lying down in the snow, and it just stood up in front of me and my mum,oh
wait a second? It's just a white wooden yeti that says Welcome on the front of his chest,
Wait a second a tree is staring right at me.

If you want to read more of the Haunted Mountain
 your gonna have wait for a little while bye.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The CrossCountry

I feel nervous I just want to go home and paint or read or do other types of stuff I don't feel like running
at the moment, ahhh! they just told us that the year 7's are running first I have to go outside,now I feel even more nervous.FACING ROOM SIXTEEN ON THE CLAMP! POUAKAI!!! I wonder why we're not running already oh yeah I forgot training, wait a second we're doing training right now!
oh well I just do it as slow as I can so I can save energy,FACING THE FENCE ON THE CLAMP!

Training is over now Mr.O.C lined us up he sort of gave us a pep talk not really but still, he sort of did but anyway he lined us up in three lines and blew the whistle and then we began to run.

It felt great to run for a little while until the middle of cross country I began to feel tired I didn't want to run anymore so I began to jog instead of running.

Ahhh!!! I feel so tired I don't want to jog anymore but I'm almost done  I'm almost to the finish just a little more I can hear my friends cheering for me well some of them were, I'm done I finished the cross country YES!!! I'm so glad that I finished the cross country and I found out that 80 or 70 something. Well I have to go now so bye. Untitled

Monday, 7 May 2012

Marcel's Diary

Dear diary,

These past few days have been very crazy, first of all my memory's been wiped from my mind
and second of all my father is the king! I guess you might think I'm crazy but I'm not alright
you got that!I guess I'll tell my story from the start.

I woke up one morning in a room I've never seen before, then I suddenly remembered my name
is Robert my mother died when I was born, my father died when I was 12 and that's how I ended
up in Fall side orphanage during the night, suddenly a woman came into the room and said what her
name was but I can't seem remember what her name was though, oh well I'll just call her madam.
Once I got outside of the orphanage I was introduced to other boys about my age some probably
older than me and some younger than me, some of them seemed to be working on the garden and
the others seemed to be working on something else, the madam son was the boss of the bundle of boys.

Later on that same day I was just going out for a walk when out of nowhere a little girl from same orphanage as me came up to me and said that my name was not Robert, my real name was actually Marcel and some how she actually managed to get me convinced that my real name is Marcel, and she told me what really happened the night I came and that she hid in the closet, while my memory's been wiped and getting a new memory which was a lie but yeah that's all I can tell you... for now anyway I need to go to sleep right now or else my cat will start scratching me.

Good bye diary.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ugly Shakespeare

It was the 19th of March,my skin was feeling tingling,I was feeling jumpy,I couldn't wait for Ugly
Shakespeare, Uhhhhhhh can't this day go any faster all I want to do is watch  Ugly Shakespeare and then go
home but I had to do a bunch of things before I could go to the show uhhhhhhh!.

It was Lunch time and I was hanging out with my friends when the Ugly Shakespeare truck past by, my
friend Bradley said he wanted to help them set up but when we got there the man said they didn't need help
any more, Bradley started looking sad I told him to cheer up because that wasn't the show and he said to
me that he still wanted to help them set up.

Finally it's time to watch the Ugly Shakespeare company do the play, and I have only been waiting a few hours to see this show and now I can finally watch the play you know I think I may have been a bit too excited for a play that only lasts for about an hour but oh well I really don't care.

Now it's the end of school the play is over I'm happy that I finally saw the play even though it only lasted
about one hour, I think but anyway I can now just go home and relax but before I can do that I have to catch the bus and that can sometimes be a pain but I have to do it in order to get home wait a second I'm supposed to be talking about the Ugly Shakespeare show well I guess I'm actully finished about that
by Michelle