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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Interview With Oupa

I'm going to interview my oupa about the types of food they had when  he was my age so here we go.

Me:"So Oupa what types of food did you have when you were younger?"

Just by the way most of my family lives on a farm or used to live on a farm.

Oupa:"Oh, we had lots of fruit on the farm when we visited our Ouma and Oupa.  We picked grapes and peaches and all sorts of fruits.  For breakfast we used to love to eat Mealie-meal porridge with milk and sugar sometimes also bacon and eggs. Sweets.... let's see we had Chocolate, Smarties, Toffees, Liquorice of all sorts, Ice cream, Suckers (Ice Lollies) and candy but that's all I can think of right now."

Me:"Oh, the sweets must have been delicious and the fruits! oh I remember back in South-Africa how sweet and sour the fruits were!Those were the good days in South-Africa, anyway I'm sure Oupa needs to get back to work so we'll just wrap this up"

Oupa:"Okay I'll chat with you later"

Me:"Okay see ya later Oupa"

And I guess you guys are just gonna have to wait later this week for my next Blog post.

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  1. Hi Michelle
    Great to see you being so creative with your blog posts.

    Why do you think South African fruit has such intense fruit?



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